Liz Lyons Friedman

Aptos, California

Studio open by appointment for your art emergencies:
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Linocut process
Liz at her printing press.
Liz Friedman's Studio
December Open Studio 2007
Liz Friedman's Studio
Studio & Garden photo by John Gavrilis
Linoleum Block Prints  "Linocuts"
  Hand printed, from a printing plate made from linoleum.  The "white" areas are carved away.  This is a type of relief printing;  printing from the surface of a plate or block.  The ink is rolled on to the surface of the linoleum.  The paper & linoleum block are placed on the bed of my etching press.  Rolling the plate & paper through my press produces a print.  The pressure from the press transfers the ink from the linoleum to the paper.  The linoleum block must be re-inked for each print.  I hand color some prints in the edition using water colors, others are left in traditional black & white.  I print, sign and number each print in the edition.  A certificate of authenticity accompanies each of my prints.

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