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Isobel George

All original mixed media paintings are matted and framed.  The media includes  pastel, watercolor, gouache and sometimes gold leaf. Commissioned works are welcomed.
Please contact Isobel for ordering information at .

watercolor painting watercolor art
Honey Bee
35" x  30"
Lifting the Veil
36" x  26"
mixed media art mixed media artist
Party Time
37" x  30"
Looking out for You
34" x  28"
watercolor painting watercolor art
38" x  26"
Silent Witness
38" x  30"
Watercolor artwork watercolor painting
Waiting for an Apology
30" x  37"
Sweet Dreams
23" x  26"
art in watercolor
Gemini Changes
37" x  49"
Watercolor painting art in mixed media
A Little Bit Of Magic
25" x  22"
A Time for Contemplation
18" x  13"
mixed media artist mixed media art
Gypsy Moth
30" x  37"
Tuesday's Child
19" x  13"
mixed media painting mixed media pastel
38" x  30"
49" x  37"
pastel paintings pastel artist
49" x  37"
Put The Weight On Me
54" x  42"

All of the artwork shown in this gallery is copyrighted  by Isobel George.
All rights reserved. Do not duplicate without written permission.


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